San Brown, Address Management

Life Before NMS: San is a genuine Georgia Peach - born and raised in Atlanta. She is the youngest of nine children. She attended Georgia Southern University for her degree in Computer Science, where she learned advanced problem-solving skills and the value of teamwork.

Personal Statement: " I believe we need to have new challenges in life to avoid becoming complacent. I look forward to the next hurdle as an opportunity to achieve an even higher level of ability (also, I'm secretly competitive - I can't stand being second best). Regardless of where I am or what life throws at me, if I am comfortable and true to myself, I will always be happy."

Off Duty: When she is not slaving in front of a monitor at NMS, she spends most of her time with family and friends. She loves planning parties and is somewhat of a dance fanatic (San has taken salsa lessons and participated in live performances). She loves the Atlanta nightlife (especially when dancing is involved) and she also enjoys traveling to tropical destinations (look for San where the water is crystal blue, the sand is white, and the temperature is hot).

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