Jace Spencer, General Manager

Life Before NMS: Jace was born in Dallas Texas and spent his childhood in Houston. He moved to Atlanta when he was 12 years old and he's been here ever since. He attended the University of Georgia and obtained a degree in Business Administration. He married Deborah in 1993 and they became the ecstatic parents of twin sons, Jonathan and Kendall, in July of 1997.

Personal Thought: "Time is widely regarded as our enemy, but we can never have enough of it.  Time is the most precious commodity in the world, yet cannot be purchased at any price. As each of us grows older, the tremendous value and relative scarcity of time becomes more and more obvious. With the business world moving faster and faster, it is often difficult to keep pace without sacrificing ourselves completely to the effort. Sometimes, it's tough to keep things in perspective; I love my job and I'm committed to making our customers happy, but I always remember that my clients are not the only ones who depend on me."

Off Duty: Jace enjoys many activities, including woodworking, traveling, astronomy, reading, and his lifelong passion, fishing. He spends a significant percentage of his vacation days in the immediate vicinity of saltwater; Jace has also been lucky enough to visit various freshwater fishing destinations throughout North, South, and Central America. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and has never lost his childhood fascination with the planet we live on. As you might imagine, most of his attention outside of NMS these days is focused on his family.

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